DaTa Billing Company Fire Recovery

DaTa Billing company (DBC) is excited to discuss our fire recovery services for your community.  Fire departments across the country are discovering the need to recover some of the additional costs incurred when providing services that far exceed their annual budgets.

Why Fire Recovery Billing?

Taxes generally cover the operating costs for normal fire department services based on annual budgets.  Those budgets are built around know costs, such as 24/7 staffing, utilities, maintenance , and training.

But no one can predict high cost incidents, and the typical emergency services budget rarely contains provisions for unforeseen burdens such as hazardous spills, explosions, massive multi-vehicle accidents, large fires, and other dangerous situations.

That’s where Fire Recovery Billing comes to the rescue. Our fire billing staff is NFIRS certified, and trained to ensure your fire department is reimbursed for all costs that can be legally recovered.  We also only bill in accordance with you and your community’s wishes.

Examples of Potential Recovery Billing:

  • Motor Vehicle Extrication – A claim can be filed with the responsible party’s vehicle insurance for the incident outside of EMS activity.
  • Hazardous Material Incidents – Hazardous material cleanup can be very expensive due to the associated labor and equipment costs.
  • Other Services – Including fires, industrial or commercial incidents, false alarms, unauthorized burning…even special services such as standby and fire watch.
  • Other Consideration – vehicle and operating costs, equipment costs, personnel time and training costs
Costs to your service:

We bill your service a small percentage only if you receive payment from our billing your claims, so we don’t receive payment unless your claim is paid. 

We’ve Got You Covered:

Billing is our core business and we work hard to exceed expectations.  We will work hard to bring extra income into your department.  Call and let us help you with your fire recovery today!