DBC Billing

DaTa Billing Company (DBC) is excited to discuss our billing, claims processing, and collection services for your community. Our company excels at collecting every last cent for our clients, which allows them to focus on delivering the best possible care for their patients.

Summary of our key advantages:

  • ExperienceI am Tanya Hollabaugh, CEO of DBC. I have been in the ambulance billing community since 2007. Most of my team has been billing with me since 2008.
  • Contract our contract is for one year, with the ability for either party to cancel with a 30 day notice.
  • Communication – If there is a problem, we will call you immediately. We do not wait for our busy clients to call us after they find an issue. You will always be able to contact someone at our company. We provide accurate and timely reporting, and accept your incident paperwork in a multitude of electronic formats, even paper.
  • Support – You are not alone when facing audits, revalidations, re-enrollment, attorney requests and other issues. We will help you however we can, provide reports and explanations as requested, and attend city council and board meetings at your request.
  • 21st Century Service – Our email, fax, and phone systems are 100% HIPAA HITECH compliant. We can utilize data from a variety of ePCR software, and have a custom software platform for delivering up to date claims information and reporting that meet two-factor authentication HIPPA HITECH requirements.
  • Credit Cards, Electronic checks accepted no extra charge to our clients
  • Outstanding balance payments We are happy to collect ongoing patient payments that need to be collected as part of our monthly percentage.
  • Outstanding A/R We will research your outstanding A/R for 10% of what we collect.
  • DBC Portal – We have developed an online portal to CUBE, our custom billing software.The CUBE portal updates in real-time and includes the status of each claim as it is being processed. Payments can be seen on the Deposit Report as the payments throughout the day. Reports can be run any time of day with a variety of different parameters, and reports can be exported to Excel.

Who We Are

With over 26 years of billing experience, DaTa Billing Company is a billing service that has helped several EMS departments in this great state regain control of their finances through diligence, persistence, and competence. This includes bringing them current with Medicare and Medicaid registrations, auditing all backlogged claims, and tenaciously collecting revenue from all types of insurance and self payment accounts. We take pride on working closely with you to ensure our collection process is perfectly in sync with your policies and special cases as they arise.

Training for Everyone

All of our billing specialists are Certified Ambulance Coders (CAC) through the National Academy of Ambulance Coding (NAAC), using curriculum created by Page Wolfberg and Wirth specifically for the EMS industry. This certification process requires recurrent training on an annual basis for all of our billing specialists, and includes Medicare and Medicaid classes.

We also provide on-site training of all EMS personnel to keep them current on the latest billing regulations, including signatures, authorizations, and proper form requirements for specific situations, as well as documentation needs to ensure maximum claim payment. This ensures that nothing can slip through the cracks due to a technicality caused by improper paperwork.

Cutting Edge Technology

To maintain HIPAA HITECH compliance, DBC uses specialized email, fax, and phone system software to make sure your Personal Health Information is protected at all times. We utilize our own software platform, designed from the ground up, which imports incident data from a variety of sources, including email, fax, as well various ePCR software. Accessing claims information is simple, and reports are delivered on time every time.


For 2018, Medicare collections were over 99%, and the overall collection rate for all billable incidents was 92.5%.

Many of our clients had 100% collections.  We work hard to get every insurance claim paid.

Our billed to paid collection rate depends on the rate the client bills.  A better way to track payment progress is amount paid per claim.

This does not include self payment accounts. DBC will be as hard or soft on self payment collections as requested by the client.

Our Process

  1. All incidents are received into our system via email, fax, or direct electronic download from the EMS provider. If necessary, we can also accommodate paper reports. We will work with the client to determine the best method according to their needs.
  1. Billing is handled electronically to all payors initially, unless it is a self payment account, in which case a paper bill is mailed. DaTa Billing Company bills Medicare, Medicaid, motor vehicle insurances, worker’s compensation claims, and all private insurances, as well as handling any appeals as needed, secondary, and tertiary insurances.
  1. Electronic payments are deposited directly into the client’s bank account for all insurance companies that allow Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs). Self payment accounts can be set up for monthly statements or automatic payments as requested. We accept checks and credit cards. All payments received through any of these payment methods are posted against the claim.
  1. Each claim is tracked and monitored as it moves through the billing process. Calls are placed to the insurance companies for updates on any non-active claims that are approaching 30 days. Notes are taken on all activities and recorded for each claim.
  1. Explanation of Benefits are received through our clearinghouse, but we request that any payments or EOBs received by the client to be transmitted to our office via email or fax. All received EOBs are sent to the client on a daily basis to keep them updated on current deposits.


In order to start billing as quickly as possible, we prefer to receive run reports as they are completed on a daily basis. This gives us the most amount of time to research any missing information and ensure timely filing deadlines are met (some are only 30 days from the time of the incident).

Our email, fax, and phone systems are HIPAA compliant, meeting all requirements under the HITECH rules and regulations. We also monitor for any potential violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute and alert the client if we see something that may be problematic. Failure to comply with these regulations can come with stiff monetary penalties, and it is our job to help keep that from occurring.

Additionally, we track all PCRs, whether by the run number or by reconciling at the end of the month. This allows us to identify missing runs and prevents leaving money on the table.

All patient billing is covered and extensive research is performed in order to find the correct insurance if necessary. Deductibles, copays, and coinsurances are billed as required by the payor.

We know the timely filing deadlines and watch each claim to ensure we do not have a non-payment due to deadline expiration. We research and appeal all claims that have been denied, including any non-payment claims.

Balance billing is performed at the client’s discretion. This is the amount remaining after insurance has paid and after we have billed the copay, deductible, and coinsurance. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Hospital audits, Medicare revalidations and audits, Medicaid re-enrollments and audits, council meetings, budget reviews, attorney requests… bring them on. We excel at supporting you through these necessary validations, and thrive on providing that personal level of attention for all inquiries and issues.

Call us. Email us. Fax us. Make us drive out to your location. Our job is to provide the best service possible, and if that means appearing at a meeting with short notice, then that is what we will do. And we promise when you call, someone will pick up the phone or call you back the same day.

DaTa Billing Company has gained a reputation for outstanding collection recovery rates, excellent customer service, extensive training, and impeccable communication. Billing is our core business and we work hard to exceed expectations. 

We look forward to working just as hard for you and your community.